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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Post by Stogdill on Sun Mar 29, 2009 2:25 pm Forum Rules

Hey there Khaos Studios viewer take a look at the rules before posting!

These rules apply to all sections.

Shoutbox rules
- No advertising.
- No flaming.
- No racism.
- No spamming.
- No talking about bans.
- No talking about infractions.
- Don't flame other members.
- Don't ask for Moderator or free VIP.
- Use English at all times.

Posting rules
- Don't post in the wrong section.
- Don't go off-topic.
- Don't flame other members.
- Don't flame people's work.
- Don't post other people's work unless you have permission.
- Don't spam.
- No racism.
- No bumping old threads.
- Don't post rude/pornographic/nudity pictures/sites.
- Don't post peoples computer data.
- Don't ask for Moderator or free VIP.
- Don't double/triple post unless no one has replied to your thread in more than 3 days (this only applies when you make the thread).
- Use English at all times.

Avatar Rules
- No advertising another website/forum.
- No porn/pr0n that includes hentai (anime porn) as well.
- No racist/swear words.
- No rival forum links.

Link Rules:
- You are not to direct links to other forums.
- You must not mis-guide links.
- You may only use links to direct through the forums or if you are in an advertisements section.
- You may not post pornographic links.

Signature Rules
- Don't flame other members.
- Don't include any hotlinks unless it is to a topic/post at Khaos Inc..
- No advertising your server/website/forum (unless an affiliate).
- No porn/pr0n that includes anime porn as well.
- Do not include Moderator or Administrator warning tags in your signature.

Miscellaneous Rules
- If you're account gets banned, and you make a new one, your new account will be perma banned.

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