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Chief Architect X2 Full (

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Chief Architect X2 Full (

Post by Stogdill on Sat Feb 20, 2010 3:30 pm

Chief Architect X2 Full ( | 78.76 MB

Chief Architect is specifically designed for the residential and light commercial design professional. Chief Architect makes it easy - use the 3D visualization to sell a project to clients and use construction drawings to be more cost effective in your design work. Move a wall, add a room, redesign a kitchen, change materials, estimate costs, create construction drawings.

Powerful Building & Design Tools

Chief Architect has automatic building tools that use the typical building defaults - or you can define your defaults. For every automated tool you will find manual tools to customize to your specific needs. Some the tools include:

* Automatic Roofs: hip, gable, shed, saltbox, gambrel, gullwing, half-hip, mansard. Create any style with the manual roof tools including curved roofs
* Ceilings - flat, trey, coffered barrel
* Automatic Dormers and Roof Returns
* Materials Lists for cost estimating and bidding
* Material Schedules: Windows, Doors, Cabinets, Rooms, Fixtures, Furniture and Plants
* Dimensions for One-Click Auto Dimensioning, End-to-End, Interior, Point-to-Point, Baseline, Angular and Centerline
* Built-in wall types with layers: interior, exterior, pony walls, ICF, SIPS or design custom walls types
* Advance stair tools for curved, flared, split and straight
* House Wizard to quickly layout plans or for space planning
* Automatic Framing for walls, roofs and floors
* Electrical and HVAC tools
* Design with Smart Objects (BIM) windows, cabinets, doors, framing have properties and behave intelligently

3D Design and Modeling Tools

* Seamless and simultaneous editing in 3D or 2D
* Photo-Realistic 3D Rendering
* Artistic Rendering - watercolor, painting, line drawing, technical illustration, duotone and Glass House
* 3D views for elevations, overviews, cross-sections, framing and Doll House
* Material Painter - apply colors, materials and textures from any image or website
* Color Chooser - Choose manufacturer colors, materials or textures for your design - or from a digital photo
* 3D Model Maker
* Record 3D views for virtual tours

Powerful CAD Tools

* CAD solids - to produce slabs, moldings, shapes for customizing and detailing designs
* CAD drawing tools for lines, polylines, splines, arcs, sun angles, shapes and points
* Convert CAD objects to architectural objects - draw a molding profile and save as a molding to apply to cabinets
* Visual CAD Snaps
* Over 500 Built-in CAD Details
* "CAD-to-Walls" Import; import an AutoCAD®️, DXF or DWG and easily map the layers
* Cross Sections & Elevations

Plan Sets and Construction Drawings

* Create construction documents with the Layout tool - send any view to the Layout - define scale and link to the drawing to update as your design changes
* Multiple Layers and Layer Sets - mask layers to create the view you need
* Use a PDF print driver to print to any size paper
* Electrical, Audio, HVAC and Plumbing plan tools
????: Chief Architect X2 Full (
* Terrain Modeling, Landscaping Tools and Site Planning Tools
* ICC - International Residential Code Checklist
* Time Tracker to monitor time spent drawing on specific projects

Kitchen & Bath Design Tools

* Create any style of cabinet with powerful Cabinet Designer tools. Select from a library of hundreds of door and drawer styles - or choose from specific manufacturer catalogs
????: Chief Architect X2 Full (
* Smart Cabinets - Design with Smart Objects (BIM) windows, cabinets, doors, framing have properties and behave intelligently
* Create shaped cabinets, custom countertops, back splashes, cabinet feet or choose fixtures and appliances. Over a 1,000 Styles or Choose from the Built-in Cabinet Library
* Create any custom cabinet including curved cabinets
* Curved Cabinets and Cabinet Hardware
* Block cabinets and other like objects together to create architectural blocks - for future use - a great time saving feature! Great for kitchen islands

Deck & Landscaping Tools

* Automatic deck framing
* Customize deck planking and materials
* Choose from a variety to deck railing styles
* Set the north pointer and define seasonal settings for realistic shadows
* Complete set of terrain tools - easily import or create terrain data
* Over 3,700 Landscaping Plants
* Plant Encyclopedia, with detailed information about each plant including integrated Hardiness Zone Maps


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